Bubble Soccer Gold Coast

Bubble Soccer Gold Coast has been set up in conjunction with Bubble Soccer Sydney and Bubble Soccer Brisbane to off this crazy and exciting game of contact to people on the Gold coast and surrounding areas The cost of Bubble soccer depends on Location Start time Number of Balls Length of Time From there we can [...]

Bubble Soccer Games

Bubble Soccer Games At Bubble Soccer Hire we have a wide variety of Bubble Soccer Games and activities to play with Children and Adults on top of the normal Bubble Soccer The different activities of using the bubbles that we offer  keep the participants active interested playing and fun   Bubble Soccer Invasion With Bubble [...]

Kids Bubble Soccer Fun

Kids Bubble Soccer Fun When looking for Kids Bubble Soccer Fun in Queensland and New South Wales bubblesoccerhire has the answer. We cater to everybody needs big and small so they can try something new exciting and interact with others of a similar age and ability. We start with activities outside the Bubble with warm [...]

How To Play Bubble Soccer

How To Play Bubble Soccer When asking the question How To Play Bubble Soccer then we have some answers and information to help and assist with the question The Bubble Soccer Suits are round and inflatable and have a hole at either end When getting in make sure your head is below the top of [...]

Bubble Soccer / Zorb

Bubble Soccer / Zorb Have you ever thought of some questions when you see people in Bubble Soccer / Zorb suits and would like to learn how to play bubble soccer? It is a game for Adults and Kids and a great and fun way to spend time with your friends, family and even kids. The Soccer [...]

5 FAQs about Bubble Soccer

5 FAQs about Bubble Soccer Have you ever thought of playing bubble soccer? Well, it is time you explore this game because it is a fun way to spend time with your friends, family and even kids. The ball that is used in this game is same as the one used in football. The only [...]

How to Play Bubble Soccer

How to Play Bubble Soccer? Vince Lombardi said that “it’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up”. To have a crazy time enjoying hitting, rolling and bumping all over the ground look no further, because this extreme hybrid sport arouses both silliness and competition. Bubble Soccer is the hybrid of soccer [...]

What to Wear to Bubble Soccer?

What to Wear to Bubble Soccer? Not sure what to wear to your bubble soccer game? There are no guidelines other than selecting athletic attire that is comfortable. When you are comfortable, only then you can enjoy bubble soccer to its fullest! The best part is that there are no restrictions whatsoever when [...]

Who Invented Bubble Soccer?

Who Invented Bubble Soccer? One of the sports activities that have become pretty popular in the recent years is bubble soccer. This game requires the players to be enclosed in an inflated bubble ball while playing soccer. This bubble ball covers the head and the upper body of the player. This sport is usually played [...]