Bubble Soccer Games

At Bubble Soccer Hire we have a wide variety of Bubble Soccer Games and activities to play with Children and Adults on top of the normal Bubble Soccer

The different activities of using the bubbles that we offer  keep the participants active interested playing and fun


Bubble Soccer Invasion

With Bubble Soccer Invasion the players stand on opposite sides of the field and make an attempt to occupy a space inside their opponent’s penalty box or marked area. The first team that has all its team members in the opponent’s team penalty box area wins one point and we generally play up to first to 3 wins. This game forces participants to bump around each other as they push past one another to get to the penalty box/area on the end of the pitch. It promotes teamwork and cooperation for all participants, as you cannot win if you leave any man behind.

Your team is only as strong as the weakest link, so players have to protect and help one another.

Bubble Soccer Music

Bubble Soccer Music incorporates music with bubble dancing to create the perfect game for all ages! Participants will fight with one another and compete over occupying a space in the hula-hoops in this musical game. It is like musical chairs but with bubbles and hula-hoops. Teams have to work together in order to allow their team members to occupy the central spot. Strategy and division of work are of the essence here.

Bubble Soccer Games in Sydney and Brisbane

Bubble Soccer Games Sydney and Brisbane Australia

Last Man Standing

Teams can play in two different formats,

A) Every man for himself or

B) In two teams.

Participants would all gather inside a wide marked boundary and aim to push each other over or out of the boundary.

As time goes on the field can reduce in size the boundary will close in until one man or team remains standing. This game would be incredibly messy with many interesting points of action happening at the same time. Attempting to be the last man surviving will be a thrilling experience for all players. If playing amongst kids, perhaps every man for himself would be a really fun option whereas the team format,

This list is in no way exhaustive as we have several other games and activities inside and outside of the bubbles

If you have any other ideas or would like to share contact us 0412 602 999