Bubble Soccer / Zorb

Have you ever thought of some questions when you see people in Bubble Soccer / Zorb suits and would like to learn how to play bubble soccer?

It is a game for Adults and Kids and a great and fun way to spend time with your friends, family and even kids.

The Soccer ball that is used in this game is same as the one used in football. The fun part comes when the players wear a bubble soccer suit or Zorb that gives easily making it safe for everyone

Bubble Soccer 

It is important that the players should understand at least some of the loose rules that govern Bubble Soccer when played in a fun environment.

Bubble Soccer Rules / FAQ


If you are keen to play this game, then make sure that you are in the know of the necessary awareness regarding some of these Bubble Soccer Rules / FAQ

  • 1: Both teams should with minimum 3 players and
  • 2 Each player has to wear a bubble before stepping into the field.
  • 3: When a player comes the field the referee checks to ensure that they have all the necessary equipment.
  • 4: If a player falls down on the ground they will be allowed to get up. The opponent team members can only establish contact with the player once on their feet.
  • 5: It is also vital that you should wear proper shoes while playing bubble soccer.
  • 6: Substitutions are allowed during the match.  The new player has to cross the side line before entering into the game.

Competitive bubble soccer does usually last up to 12 minutes each half and with substitutions this helps with the physical limits the athletes can reach as it is a very tiring sport.

Bubble Soccer / Zorb games can be found in  Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, Qld and Southern Suburbs of Brisbane Qld and Gold Coast, Qld

Usually, there’s no set length to recreational bubble soccer. The referee will have the discretion to choose the length of the game, based on how they determine the players are feeling.

However, the teams can mutually agree on reducing.

This decision needs to be made at the beginning of the match.

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Bubble Soccer / Zorb http://www.bubblesoccerhire.com.au