How To Play Bubble Soccer

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The Bubble Soccer Suits are round and inflatable and have a hole at either end When getting in make sure your head is below the top of the ball the straps are tight and you can reach the handles at the front.

Get used to bumping into people fall and rolling back and forth to get the sensation

When you have approx 3 minimum per team each team stands on the baseline of their goal. The referee will then place the ball in the middle of the field. Next, the referee blows the whistle to commence the game. The referee will also blow the whistle after each goal as well. Usually, the referee does not stop the ball if he sees it going out of bounds. However, play will be stopped if it goes near the spectators or is far out of bounds.

During the game the referee has several balls. One is actively used in the game and the other balls are used if the previous one goes out of bounds. If a ball successfully goes through the goal, then a goal is scored and the ball starts in the middle again.

Additional rules are

  • Rule 1: The first rule is that both the teams should not start where one team has only three players or fewer. Moreover, each player has to wear a bubble before stepping into the field.
  • Rule 2: Substitutions are allowed during the match at any time. When a replacement or substitution happens, the first player comes off the field and needs to stand on the side then the new player has to cross the line to enter into the game.
  • Rule 3: Whenever a new player comes the field the referee checks the player to ensure that he has all the necessary equipment.
  • Rule 4: If a player falls then he will be allowed to get up. The opponent team members can only establish contact with the player once he has gotten up.
  • Rule 5: The Referee will blow the whistle to end the first half of the game or stop play. Once the referee blows the whistle, then it is mandatory that the players should terminate the game on an immediate basis. If there are any unsafe conditions, then the referee has the right to stop the active play. The stopped game can only resume once the referee blows the whistle again.
  • Rule 6: It is also vital that you should wear proper shoes while playing bubble soccer. The female players should not wear any jewelry while playing bubble football because it may damage the bubble.

How long does the game last?

No set length to recreational bubble soccer but the referee should have the discretion to choose the length of the game, based on how they determine the players are feeling. With competitive bubble soccer does usually last up to 12 minutes. However, the teams can mutually agree on reducing. This decision needs to be made at the beginning of the match.

Now, it is understandable that kids and adults alike get tired while playing the match. This is why an interval of five minutes is allowed after half time and plenty of opportunities for substitutes.

How To Play Bubble Soccer Sydney Brisbane

How To Play Bubble Soccer

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