For the purpose of this terms and conditions, ‘BubbSoc’ (ABN: 43383524526) refers to the company and all associated staff who are running the ‘Bubble Ball’ events. The ‘Client’ refers to the parties involved in bookings, communications and participation in events whether as a player or observer.


1.1.1 All bookings will be confirmed via email when the terms and conditions have been agreed to and initial 20% invoice paid (see 1.3.1).

1.1.2 If no deposit is received or the Terms and Conditions are not agreed to, no booking will be made.


1.2.1 Individuals are restricted from play unless a waiver form has been filled out and handed to the staff on game day or sent via email.


1.3.1 A 20% deposit is required to confirm the booking or payment can be made in full. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal. Please pay via the details sent in our invoice, which will be sent via email.

1.3.2 Please use your booking number as a reference. Deposits are due at least within one week of event. Final payments are due within two days of the event.


1.4.1 Cancellation by Client

    • All venue hire fees are non refundable because these costs are outside out control.
    • If cancellation occurs 7 days or more before the date of the event the 20% deposit (and any other associated payments) will be fully refunded less a admin fee $50.
    • If cancellation occurs less than 7 days but more that 2 days before the event the deposit will be forfeited.
    • If cancellation is made less that 48 hours before the event a charge of 50% of the total event fee will be charged and left over will be refunded.
    • In case of a no-show no refunds will be available.

1.4.2 Cancellation by Indoor Venue or Council

In any case of cancellation by the indoor venue and has been organised by BubbSoc:

    • An option of either a full refund or game re-scheduling is available.

1.4.3 Cancellation by Major Event/Weather

    • In the case of bad weather, BubbSoc will notify the client within 24 hours of their event but no later than 3 hours of the scheduled game time. At this time, it is up to the client decide whether to continue with the booking, cancel or re-schedule (cancellation will result in full refund).
      o If the client decides to pursue the game and later cancels, then only a re-scheduling is available – no refunds are available. The rescheduling is at the discretion of BubbSoc to determine whether enough of the initial booking has been played.
      o At any time, BubbSoc reserves the right to cancel any game if it is determined that weather conditions make play too dangerous.

1.4.4 Cancellation by BubbSoc

    • BubbSoc reserves the right to cancel any game without notice, if this occurs the option of a full refund or re-booking of the game will be provided.
      o BubbSoc will always endeavor to notify the client if a game needs to be cancelled.


1.5.1 The client is responsible for, or agrees to indemnify BubbSoc for any loss of property, damage of expense caused to property owned by BubbSoc and/or the property of other clients, venue, guests or general public at the event.

1.5.2 The client agrees to repair or rectify any damages caused by negligence to any equipment owned by BubbSoc; and to cover any additional costs that may occur.


1.6.1 If BubbSoc organize a venue for you, we will email you the venue information with your booking confirmation.

1.6.2 If you have your own venue, the venue must be suitable to host a Bubble Soccer game. It is up to the client to confirm with BubbSoc whether their chosen venue is viable.

    • A straight, clean surface without any sharp or pointy particles or obstacles that can cause injuries is required. Indoor halls are suitable as well as maintained grass areas. Gravel, sand or areas containing wood aren’t suitable.
    • The approval of the venue is at the discretion of BubbSoc.

1.6.3 The usual set-up and pack up time is 1 hour. The usual pack up time is 45 minutes. If you are booking your own venue please ensure that BubbSoc has access to your venue within these time limits.

1.6.4 If you are playing in a public park you might want to book or enquire with the council. Otherwise public spaces work after the principle of first-come-first-serve unless booked by sports teams. Some public parks are at the discretion of council rangers. Please refer to cancellation policy clause 1.4.2 if a ranger stops a game.


1.7.1 Bubble Soccer Rules and Games Safety Guidelines are as follows:

  1. All safety decisions and rules are at the discretion of the staff member on the day. Their say is final.
  2. The rules and regulations of all games can be found in the BubbSoc games guide and code of conduct (and see below), which will be provided on the day.
  3. The following core safety rules must be adhered to:
    1. When a player is down, you must give them space and time to get back up. You must not bump into or jump on a player that is down.
    2. You cannot charge into any player who does not have a suit on.
    3. No purposeful contact should ever be made to the bubble with your feet.


1.8.1 BubbSoc staff members have final say in all decisions.

1.8.2 Proper clothing must be worn at all times while participating in the bubble activities. Only flat-soled shoes – No cleats or sandals. No jewellery or any other accessory that may injure you or damage the bubble suit. Pants are permitted but we suggest shorts or other workout gear as you will get hot and sweaty while in the bubble suit.

1.8.3 Players are not allowed to kick the bubbles at any time. We realize that, on occasion, when you are on the ground, your feet may come in contact with another bubble, but please refrain from kicking it or rubbing your shoes against it.

1.8.4 Players will not be permitted to participate in any bubble activities under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any player that does so unbeknownst to the Bouncing Bubbles staff does so at their own risks and takes full responsibility for any consequences that may arise as a result of such.

1.8.5 Excessive swearing and/or inappropriate or rude comments will not be permitted. We understand some may slip, especially with the nature of the activity, but try to be respectful of the people around you.

1.8.6 Any purposeful attempt to pop or damage the bubble suits will result in an immediate removal from the activity and participant will be banned from using them again. Participant will also be required to pay for the cost of fixing or replacing the bubble suit.

1.8.7 BubbSoc recommends that each participant has personal insurance and a physical before participating in any physical activity such as bubble soccer.

1.8.8 Players that are not in a bubble are not allowed to push, shove, or bump into another player that is in a bubble due to safety reasons.

1.8.9 Players must sign a Waiver before participating in any bubble activity.

1.8.10  Collision in the Bubble suites should be controlled to the best of a players ability, Bubble soccer is a contact sport, injuries can occur by virtue of this fact and it is impossible to control all risk factors including the behaviour of other players.

1.8.11 Players with pre-existing injuries should not play, due to the risk of any contact sport and the strain it can place on a players body. Any players that do play, do so at their own risk.



1.9.1 BubbSoc, at all times, reserves the final right to offer a discount of 10% should the client find a cheaper price elsewhere.

1.9.2 The discount will be provided where it is reasonable in the circumstances to do so. At a minimum, the following conditions need to be met:

  1. The pricing received from the other bubble soccer vendor is transparent to BubbSoc. That is, BubbSoc must be able to see the price offered to the client whether this is via an invoice, through an email correspondence with the aforementioned vendor, or through the aforementioned vendor’s website.
  2. The offer received from the other bubble soccer vendor was the same as the offer from BubbSoc
  3. BubbSoc does not run at a loss.


2.0.1 BubbSoc will make best attempt to communicate to clients within the first 24 hours

2.0.2 The client accepts that BubbSoc can make contact by any means, including phone, email or SMS

2.1 Covid 19

2.1.1 With the global pandemic Bubbsoc is well aware of risks associated with public gatherings and disease/virus control we have taken the following steps

2.1.2 If anybody is unwell or appear to be unwell we reserve the right to refuse them to play

2.1.3 Where reasonable we will social distance

2.1.4 All equipment will be sanitized before and after games

2.1.5 Any additional incurred costs by the company through this pandemic through neglect on the clients behalf will be charged to them