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Corporate Events

Get ready to experience the most exhilarating and hilarious game of your life with Bubble Soccer Corporate and team building events are a great opportunity for companies to improve relationships between their employees and indulge in an activity that is fun, exhilarating and competitive at the same time. 

As professionals in organising team building events in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast our supervisors help you organise bubble soccer games and matches for your employees that they will talk about for weeks!

We bring all the equipment, set up and run the activities for you, then of course pack up for you.

Our bubble soccer coordinator will introduce the participants to how to safely get in fall and roll  in the balls.

We can do a variety of coach-led games during the events to keep the participants active and entertained in a fun and friendly environment.

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Corporate Events - Bubble Soccer

When thinking of booking a corporate event there are a few things you may need to consider.

We will take you through these below.

The Participants

Not all participants need to have a ball each as they can swap over approximately every 5 mins to enable maximum time and participation in the activities. They are encouraged to have a drink after every turn in the ball. We organise the players, so they all get a fantastic active time with plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of games and also watch.

On the Day

On the day of the event, we meet you at the location, bring all the equipment and we setup the field and all the bubble soccer balls. 

We then inform all the participants about what will be happening, and then run the games and activities with drink breaks along the way. 

This leaves people free to simply sit back and enjoy watching the action while taking plenty of photos.

Ideal Number of Participants

We recommend minimum of 15 participants, this way we can run the games and activities and keep swapping over extra participants after each game.

How Long Should You Book For?

We find that the ideal bubble soccer event runs for minimum 90 minutes to all day depending on your requests and what you would like out of the activity.

Bubble Soccer Balls

We also have large bubble soccer balls generally for Adults.

The bubble soccer balls are a lightweight soft material that is made for commercial activities, making them and sturdy and light. 

The participants put the ball on like a backpack, so all the weight is on their shoulder straps, and they hold onto handles in the ball to manipulate it.

The straps inside are adjustable so the participant’s head is always underneath the top of the ball for protection and safety.

What We Do

We can run a variety of games for bubble soccer, and these can easily change depending on requests, weather, and other factors.

Our bubble soccer coordinator will introduce the participants to the activities showing them how to get in, land, roll over and get out as part of a safety demonstration.

We then offer a few variations of bubble soccer games to keep them entertained. Types of games include.

Pac Man

Free Play

Last Person Standing

Bubble Soccer


King of the Hill

Ten Pin Bowling

Where to Play

We come to a location of your choice in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

Generally, on a grassed area to make the activities more fun and to allow for a soft landing when playing.

Other areas suitable for use include artificial turf or other soft areas. We can do the activities on wood and polished concrete, but as advised grass is the best. We can also run events and activities indoors.

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